Kevin Abosch

Eaton House Membership

Conceptual Artist


Kevin Abosch is a conceptual artist whose works in photography, film, sculpture and installations have been exhibited across the globe in both museums and public spaces. Abosch’s photographic portraits of humans and other subjects address ontological matters of identity and existence.  Abosch tends to work with subjects in series and enjoys the relationship between the individual or unique within a greater collective or collection.

Having grown up in Los Angeles it is not surprising that his earliest subjects were Hollywood celebrities.  Abosch’s portraits of many of the world’s most famous faces are remarkably devoid of artifice despite the usual feeling of contrivance a portrait sitting introduces. He treats his non-human subjects as if they were human, or vice versa.  In 2016, a global media frenzy around Abosch’s “Potato #345”, a portrait of a potato, helped make the photograph one of the most recognizable works of art of our time. Abosch works and lives between Paris and Dublin.